221B Con Preorder Form

Going to be at 221B Con in April? Interested in preordering a crocheted amigurumi fandom doll to pick up at the con, with no shipping costs? Just fill out this form!

I’ll be in Atlanta from the afternoon of Thursday, April 11th through the morning on Sunday, April 14th. I’ll be attending 221B Con, and I also hope to attend the tea party hosted by Cara McGee, a.k.a. areyoutryingtodeduceme.

Each doll is $15 ($2.50 less than if you were to buy them from my Etsy shop!).

They’re the “mini dolls” I sell in my shop — each doll stands approximately five inches high and will sit without being propped up, making for the perfect item for your desk. See the links by each option for pictures.

When it gets to be closer to the date of the con, I’ll email everyone with my contact info, including a cell phone number, so I can let you know the best places/times for pick-up. In Atlanta, you can either pay with cash or a card (I’ll have one of those fancy Paypal swipers for my iPhone), or you can pay beforehand — totally up to you. :)

If you have any questions at all, feel free to email me at caitscrochetshop@yahoo.com or message me on Tumblr (gaffertapeandhope.tumblr.com).

Thanks, and I hope to see you there!

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    Agggh I wish I was going to 221B Con! And everyone should buy one of these adorable guys!
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    Here’s a heads up from Cait, if any of my followers are going to 221B Con or know someone who is. Her dolls are awesome...